Compare the cost of living between places including taxes, the cost of housing, food, goods and services, and more!

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Compare Cost of Living

above: sample comparison table

Cost of Living comparison includes:

homeowner or renter, child care/no child care, including local taxes

• cost of common food items like meat, diary, produce, or snack foods

• cost of housing (rent & homeowner)

compare & calculate property tax rates

• compare the cost of utilities like natural gas, electricity, heating oil or propane

• compare the cost of commuting including fuel costs, auto insurance, fuel cost by vehicle type, traffic

• compare health related costs such as insurance, cost of major procedures, rates of increase in insurance premiums

Taxes: Personalize your estimated taxes: Federal & State income tax, local sales tax, property tax, real estate transfer fees, automotive sales tax, auto registration fees, social security taxes, local sales tax, tax on food, real estate taxes, tax on corportate income, gasoline, cigarettes, liquor, wine, and beer

• cost of child care

• cost of miscellaneous expenses such as restaurant meals, clothing, entertainment, education and personal care items

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