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Recent Studies and Partners

Here are our recent studies and partners we have worked with. If you are interested in working with us you can contact us.

Bertrand Sperling, COO
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In 2015, Sperling’s BestPlaces teamed with Campbell Soup Company to announce a list of the top 10 Most Organic Cities In America. Campbell’s used this study to help them roll out their new line of organic soups. Revealing which places have the most access to organic foods (farmers markets per capita, etc.) as well as where people have the greatest preference for organic eating (through a custom online poll) resulted in a compelling and successful media campaign.
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For the past 10 years Sperling’s BestPlaces has been hired by Trojan™ to create their Trojan™ Sexual Health Report Card. Trojan uses the SHRC to call attention to the state of sexual health on American college campuses. 141 schools are ranked according to the accessibility of sexual health resources they offer their students. As one of the only recurring research projects of its kind, the media impact of this trusted annual study is massive and far-reaching.
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RoC Skincare, the anti-aging skincare pioneer, teamed up with research firm Sperling’s Best Places in 2015 to release the second annual Wrinkle Ranking. This study revealed the U.S. places where residents are most at risk for aging skin and wrinkles, considering such factors as stress and environment (ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperatures, etc). The study was a huge success, gaining millions of impressions, and will be reprised for the third year in 2016.
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Sperling’s BestPlaces performed a private Comparative Cost of Living Analysis for premier university Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015. The Graduate School used this detailed comparison of Cost of Living factors across peer institutions to help determine their own stipend and reimbursement levels for their students.

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